Friday, March 5, 2010

So much stuff we don't know what to do

Saturday Mornings for the last two months have turned in to trip to the charity shop day. For the first month each Saturday we took so much stuff to donate, we had to borrow a Tesco shopping trolleys to help us transport all our bags from the car park in to the charity shop. Now we are down to a half filled bag and some nick knacks that we just don’t need on our weekly trip.
All in a quest for a simpler life.
It is now into March and although we are stuff lighter we are still struggling to achieve a satisfactory physical de cluttering of our personal space and the thoughts of how much we had accumulated is a real wake up call. We want to strip out life of the unnecessary and make room for things in life we enjoy. We are moving away from the world of consumerism and bigger is better and the burden of stuff. After the Celtic tiger has now come and gone I now realise that acquiring stuff does not make me happy in fact quite the opposite it holds me back and weighs me down. Costs me a lot of money to up keep and store this acquired stuff. Our motto from here on is it’s not quantity its quality, quality of life health wealth and happiness.
This makes me happy having no debts and lots of time to spend enjoying life with Adrian so we are focusing 2010 in changing our life styles to make the following 10 steps happen in our life.
1 Have more freedom.
2 Have more time.
3 Have more room.
4 Have less worry
5 Have more pleasure
6 Be more Frugal
7 Become Greener
8 Become Healthier
9 Less Cleaning
10 Be Happier

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  1. decluttering is hard good luck with it