Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The World is not as I once thought.....

Since this is my first post of the year, Happy New Year to you all. Especially to all whom I have left behind in Ireland. I am sad for my fellow Countrymen who could have thought in 2002, things in Ireland would turn out the way they have. Well I did however as I looked around at the Celtic Tiger boom I was living in. I pushed my intuitions in to the back burner as nothing in the reality I was experiencing reflected what I was feeling. The country was awash with money, friends around me were making tons of money from their business buying up apartments all over the globe. Things could only get better that is what I believed at that time.

Since 2002 I have learned to trust my intuition and recognise what is important in life. It is a long process to evolve from being a Celtic Tiger cub to hopefully where I plan to go which is to get back to nature back to mother earth to what really gives us life, the air we breathe the food we eat. To get connected to life which I believe was what was lacking with the Celtic Tiger cubs of my generation. If you are interested in following where this journey is taking me, follow my blog and watch, my upcoming you tube videos. (The link to Kozlowski channel is at the bottom of page)As you know this blog and the videos is not going to be in any way professional it will just be me capturing the reality of the experience we are having on our journey to get back to mother earth so I apologise in advance for the bad camera work bad English and bad language.
This is what I believe to be reality now, things in Ireland and the rest of the world will never be the same again, and I believe that many people won’t make it through this transition of humanity. There is no point telling the band to keep playing while the ship sinks in to frozen water leading all to their murky end. That is what is happening when the world governments keep pumping fake non existing money in to the economy. It’s just the band playing the same song in the sinking major economies of the western world. Start building your life raft now; you might stand a chance at surviving.

No matter how bad your situation is there is always something you can do to save yourself. All is not lost as long as you are still breathing. So take a stand look for your life raft. I do not at all recommend what I am doing as a life raft as what works for one person more than likely will not work for another. Carve out a path that suits you. Do everything you can to become self sufficient as possible in your current situation.
This year 2011, I am planning on becoming self sufficient as my situation will allow me to be. I had wanted to start up a homestead and was hoping to get a few more years work to pay for this life style but the recession in Ireland hit very hard and fast. I found myself with very little time, having to jump out of the sinking Titanic that Ireland is becoming. I had to jump and swim for it. So now I find myself in a situation of very little money and I mean very little. In a foreign country, language barrier different culture little chance at this time of been able to earn a living. I am clinging to the timber frame of an Idea that has become my life raft.
I have had many people tell me I was crazy to consider what I was planning on doing. Moving to Poland was considered by some to be a completely MAD idea. Here is some of the question I was asked,
Why would you move to a country where there is such a low standard of living and such poor pay? Why would I not stay living in the lovely house I was living in Dublin and what would become of little business that I had worked so hard to create? I was even told the global economic cris did not even exist and was just merely media hype. (Tell that to all the young people who can’t get work and the millions worldwide losing their homes) Why not just live it up on social welfare I was asked?
I had two friends who were so disgusted by my decision they have not spoken to me since I told them of my plan. (I wonder what they think now 3 years on with the way the Irish economy went, also they were both financially secure so maybe not touched by the recession) I really thought people would have been happier for me taking the chance of living my dream. I mean it’s not like my dad’s friends daughter who after years of studying at a top university in the UK, she went off to the bush and married a tribe leader; he also had other wife’s. She now lives in a mud hut and her tribe leader husband spends six months away each year hunting. Just where in the hell do some people think Poland is I know in places it can be described as rural and backward? Why not watch my videos and find out what it is like you might be surprised.