Saturday, July 17, 2010

July July my favourite month

I Love July. My birthday is in July the weather is usually good and strawberrys are so tasty in july. My awasume husband made me a strawberry cake, wasn'nt that so sweet. He is a great husband and I had a wonderful birthday Thank you darling. What wasn't so good about my birthday was that my network disconnected my phone, yeah I handed in my 30 day notice and I knew that my service was up in july how ever I still expected to be albe to recieve phone calls so I woke up on my birthday and was wondering why no one had contact me to say happy birthday. It was until my wonderful friend sheila called up to my house to give me a lovely birthday gift. Seila told me she had been trying to get throungh to me all morning to make things worse we were of on a weekend away so I hadn't time to call to the phone shop to get the phone fixed until Monday.