Monday, January 9, 2012

Up date where we are now

So this is my first blog of 2012 and there have been loads and loads of changes. But all has worked out.

In my last post me and Adrian had chosen to follow our dream, so we relocated to a forest in Poland to build a homestead and become self sufficient. Since Adrian had lost his job in the recession that ripped through the Irish building industry in 2008. Our motto is you only have one life so you have to live it and follow your dream.

But after an extremely bad winter the worst I ever experienced, drainage problems on the land partly caused by the 4 feet of snow on the ground from early December to late march, this snow almost melted last reaming funds. Then my husband got job that gave the impression it paid a lot more than it did, yes but the employer never mentioned that the amount advertised was only paid after 20 years service. Exploited staff jump through hoops to get the advertised amount. Then a bank which had agreed to lend us the money before we even left Ireland to travel across Europe due to the uncertain economic climate then told us that they were not lending money based on the value of the land. This was such a shock to us as we were holding the letter the bank had sent us agreeing to lend the amount needed to finish the house, like they could have told us that a few months ago before the winter we could have made other plans. Unfortunaly that seems to be how business/life is done is Poland. People say one thing and do another. Oh yes did I mention allot of UFO ACTIVITY over our land and been mistaken for a KGB AGENT. A car that broke down every day, almost dying at least twice and some of the interesting and sad characters we met along the way. I will cover the above and much much more of the kozlowskis on tour 2010\11 plus the new things I learned, in up and coming blogs. Ok to start our Poland up date we drove across Europe in our trusty Mercedes This car has truly been the best car I ever owned. (RIP) We got to travel through a lot of European countries and experience the cultural differences. It was great to watch Adrian see firsthand some of Europe’s amazing countries and differences. As we drove on the tree lined French avenues in the direction of Paris we would of course be driving in a heat wave.

With the sun glaring through the wind screen of Mercedes making it even hotter. For those of you who don’t know what it’s like be stuck in a car for 24 hours a day in a heat wave it is just horrible and can be quite dangerous. After a week or so of this hot weather only getting hotter I finally caved in to heat exhaustion and is the sickest I ever was in my life. Basically just passed out. I was somewhere in Belgium in a petrol station sitting in some shade at a wooden table in the picnic area feeling very sick and faint.Adrian was attending to the car. Cleaning watering fuelling the car I must of looked like hungry because a good looking guy who had been sitting at a nearby table with some friends asked me something in a language I could understand, I was feeling so bad from the heat exhaustion and could hardly lift my head from the wooden picnic table just smiled at the guy and thought nothing more of it. A few moments the handsome guy returned with a foot long freshly made sub he had just purchased in the deli in the petrol station and a bottle of water he placed it on the table beside me. I was too weak to respond to him and explain I had heat exhaustion I was no way at all hungry but I couldn’t I just didn’t have the energy to string a sentence together. Let alone to someone who did was speaking a language I didn’t even recognisees, I just smiled and he smiled back. He and his equally good looking friends got in to a shiny new model Mercedes and beeped at me as they speed away.

When Adrian finally returned he was more that delighted with the tasty sub, I was too sick to eat anything other than an Ice pops for the next few days. The petrol stations and the truck rest stops of Europe have come to feel like home to us we have now driven so often through Europe. We even have our favourites you can tell alot about a country and its culture by the truck stops and petrol stations. Germany has the best truck stops in all of Europe not to mention the best roads.

Short videos of Kozlowskis 2010 to 2011 can be seen on our new you tube channel The truth of my life,

The photo on the current post is a quirkey petrol station we stoped in france it a snail burgar how french.

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