Thursday, January 28, 2010

Introduction to Us

Hello friends and people we hold dear, the reason we have started this blog is so our friends can keep up with our adventures. We want to blog and record our steps in what we are doing to create a simpler life.
This life change was influenced by my dad. He is so happy doing, what he loves best is running marathons in beautiful locations. He is a great walker, walks everywhere. He has walked and cycled the length and breath of England and Ireland and I am sure some other countries as well he loves to walk along disused train tracks and along the canals.
While we work long hours to keep up in the rat race the two cars and house the holidays and all the rest that goes with it we have decided to start the New Year off with very different goals than any year before now. Our plan is to live a simpler life.
A life with less stress less money worries any way less stuff. Our dream is to completely down size from the lovely house we are living in now to fit all our belongings in to the boot of our car. We want to feel free and only keep the things we need.
Last year we got out first caravan it is old but quite roomy. We went on our first road trip across Europe. We drove from Ireland all the way to Poland north east close to Russia. It was one of the best trips of our life’s we drove through so many European countries. I have done allot of travelling in Europe before and even lived in Italy. My travels in Europe have been through the south of Europe or and the med countries. Last year’s road trip took me to new countries I think it was about 10 countries I can’t remember. From now on I am going to document all our trips so I don’t forget.It was one of the best trips we have ever done and we plan on downsizing so we are free to do many more road trips. Hence why we are downsizing to the car boot and a simpler life.

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